How to choose size of frame of the MTB bike?
Rozmiar roweru określony jest przez długość rury podsiodłowej. To odległość od środka supportu do obejmy wspornika siodła. Tradycyjnie ten rozmiar wyrażony jest w calach. To jaki rodzaj roweru wybierzesz ma wpływ na rozmiar roweru. Dlatego też, ramy rowerów z różnych kategorii mogą być przeznaczone dla użytkowników o różnym wzroście, mimo tej samej nominalnej wysokości ramy. Z tego względu na ramach umieściliśmy tez oznaczenia S/M/L/XL co pozwoli na łatwiejsze dobranie rozmiaru ramy.
wzrost [cm]
rozmiar ramy [cale] rozmiar ramy
158 - 168
15” - 16” S
168 - 178
17” - 18” M
178 - 185
19” - 20” L
185 - 193
21” - 22” XL
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number of gears 11-30
frame size 14"-21"
tire size 26"-29"
frames men and women
All types of frames
All types of frames
Enduro bikes have balanced geometry designed to provide stabilisation to these dynamic machines. The right balance maintained when designing the bike makes it versatile. It is suitable for both amateur and professional use, allowing full expression without any limitations. We use Swift link 2 suspension in all our Tool and Key models, with an improved deflection curve, providing even better traction and efficiency on the road.
All Mountain is a line of bicycles dedicated to Polish routes. Moderate jump parameters and optimum geometry guarantee better performance on both descents and uphill trails. The line also features last year's model, the Mustang Trail, whose geometry and wheelbase make it an excellent machine for any trail. The Jig and Jig+ models will provide great fun on single tracks, using the technologies we have applied in them to their full potential.
A strong 2018 debut in this line is the Monsun 3, based on the 12-speed SRAM line with Eagle technology, with specifications adapted from other models in order to create bikes for the most-demanding conditions. Changes were also introduced in Mustangs, whose gearing corresponds with the expectations of cyclists. Our cross-country bikes were created for winning. The Monsun and Mustang models are characterised by low weight and excellent dynamics and precision in handling, which are key qualities in any competition. High-quality carbon fibre, lightweight aluminium and carefully selected components guarantee that these bikes will perform well in crucial moments of the race.
In the MTB models, technological changes were also introduced in the line of base bikes, which now have the features of more-expensive models. You will notice significant changes in the specifications of even the cheapest bikes. The attractiveness of this line is highlighted by their bold appearance: sporty and dynamic in the men’s models, and with subtle pastel colours in the ladies’ bicycles. The Rambler and Jolene series has been designed for those who are looking for interesting routes off the beaten track, but who want more comfort than the typical XC sports models offer.
Jolene 2018 stands out with its new, impressive design. The variety of designs in the Lady collection is tailored to the aesthetic expectations of the rapidly growing population of women cyclists. The new Jolene generation is the answer to the needs of women looking for a stylish and comfortable mountain bike. The geometry of the frames has been adapted to women's anatomy, providing complete control of the bike in all conditions. Bicycles built on varied frames and 26- and 27.5-inch wheels provide the opportunity to choose a bike which is both universal and sporty.