Discover your motorcycle spirit with one of Romet’s 400 Series motorcycles.

Romet’s product range also includes interesting motorcycles for discerning bikers. Looking for a machine that can impress you right from the start? Or perhaps you’d like to experience a motorcycle trip on your own? Check out the Classic 400 and Adv 400 range and discover which features of the Romet’s 400 Series inspire you the most. The highest capacity class in our portfolio, which requires driving licence Category A2.

If you love classic lines and the traditional motorcycle designs, the Classic-series vehicles are a great choice for you. The stylistically refined design makes each version of the Classic 400 look like an actual machine from decades ago. However, its traditional body, reminiscent of the Café-Racer era, houses advanced technology – its dazzling retro style goes hand-in-hand with modern solutions. A versatile four-valve head engine with electronic fuel injection ensures a dynamic ride, and ABS guarantees efficient braking in all conditions. The Classic 400 is available in a basic version and as a stylish Café Racer, with appealing fairings and sports accessories de rigueur in this class, and as sidecar combination (L4e certificate). These motorcycles will make you stand out from the crowd in timeless style. If you prefer adventure-style motorcycle trips, the ADV 400 one of the best and most-versatile choices for you. This motorcycle has what it takes to take you into the unknown. The Romet ADV 400 is ready to do all you need it to, regardless of where you go and what roads you ride on. Its has a robust design, a chassis designed to negotiate difficult terrain, and a dynamic and reliable engine to help you with that. The motorbike is equipped with modern technological solutions and travel accessories. Additional accessories are available, such as robust travel trunks and reinforcements, including crash bars and covers. The Romet ADV 400's off-road capabilities have been tested in many expeditions, such as the Romet Transkarpatian Trip. Find out more about these vehicles on