Robotised, equipped with the most modern technology, the frame production facility allows the effective implementation of the theories developed by designers and construction engineers. The technology of frame production on automated lines is an innovation on a global scale. At the moment, the factory is the first in Poland and the second in Europe to manufacture aluminium bicycle frames and composite components. This is an important moment for the whole bicycle industry, undoubtedly a breakthrough for all large bicycle manufacturers in Europe, because it significantly shortens the production process. It is here, in Poland, where Romet will introduce the innovative Enduro/Trail frame and the frames for the most popular bicycles from the 2020 collection.

Until now, frames used by a majority of manufacturers were produced outside Europe. Thanks to the launch of production in Poland, the whole process will be significantly accelerated, at the same time ensuring a competitive price for the final product. The production of frames in Poland guarantees full control over both the quality of the material and technology, as well as the production process itself.


The robotised production lines integrate the world of industrial machinery used to produce bike frames into the digital world.

Innovative technology: a welding robot.

Wet painting is done with the help of a robot,
which makes the process repeatable and efficient.

Frame profile bending technology.

Photos: materials provided by AG Motors Sp. z o.o. were used.