Romet ZK 125FX Works Everywhere – Ride Report

Lightweight, pleasing to the eye, pocket-friendly and easy to use – this is the best way to describe the new version of Romet’s popular “Zetka” from the pragmatic point of view.

The new “Zetka”, or the ZK 125FX, is a great product for those who are looking for a reliable, state-of-the-art vehicle for both everyday commute and weekend trips out of town. This is a motorcycle that successfully combines modern technology with unparalleled versatility in a casual way. Proven ergonomics, modern classic design and everything necessary for a safe and efficient ride make this model a success, which is reflected by the popularity of this classic and user-friendly model. Read the opinions of the editors of Jednoś about the ZK 125FX: Feel free to find out how it feels like to ride this motorcycle!