The city is yours! Buy a Romet SCMB 125 and don't waste your time in traffic jams.

Do you have a driving licence for a car? You can join a motorcycle family and save time by avoiding traffic jams! Romet is launching a special campaign under the patronage of the Świat Motocykli magazine.

Romet is supporting efficient communication in cities by launching a special campaign to promote an easy, fast, and enjoyable way to move around the city by riding a SCMB 125 from Romet’s latest 125 line. According to a Deloitte report, drivers spend up to 8 hours a month in traffic jams. However, if we factor in the traffic congestion in large cities of Poland, and frequent problems due to inadequate road infrastructure, this value seems rather understated. Daily commuting to work or school, shopping trips, and dozens of errands in multiple places around the city - all this inevitably involves time wasted behind the wheel or on public transport. But getting from A to B does not need to be a hassle. And you can also discover a new passion! The Romet SCMB 125 is here to help you indulge in that. It is a true trend-setter in the 125 class – it not only looks genuine and original, but it is also a safe and easy machine with enough versatility for a dynamic ride through congested city streets and alleys – and you can ride it with a Category-B driving licence only.The Romet SCMB 125 is also a great way to avoid the drivers’ worst nightmare - finding a parking spot. Its benefits also include low fuel consumption. With its efficient and flexible engine with electronic fuel injection, you save more on fuel as you fill up its tank. Furthermore, with our instalment-payment plan, you can join the running of motorcycles and improve your quality of life, and taste freedom for as low as 299 PLN a month. Don't waste your time in traffic jams! With the SCMB 125 Romet, the city will be yours! For more information, visit: