The market focuses on electric vehicles - Romet 6E, electric motorcycle and e-Bikes at Electronics Show 2018.

The Electronics Show is the largest consumer electronics fair in Poland, held in Warsaw. The event was an excellent opportunity to learn about the amazing possibilities of modern technologies.

Romet’s products include multiple vehicles using modern technological solutions. At the moment, electric bikes are definitely a hit on the market. Romet presented a wide range of e-bikes, with a classic design, enhanced by an electric drive. It was a great opportunity to try our hand at our “electric pony” – the e-Pony, which requires driving licence Category AM, and may be ridden by anyone over 14 years of age. The event also featured business-vehicle solutions such as the EcoDelivery electric scooter and the new Romet 6E, an electric four-wheeled vehicle, an excellent and environmentally friendly urban-transport solution, which is also very easy to park. The vehicle was also presented at this year's Motor Show in Poznań. Electric vehicle fans could have a close look at the three-wheeled Seev Papa. Visit to view all our products.